About Us

Our Vision

To be the first choice of the Farmers, the Consumers and the Employees.

Our Mission

To provide organic and natural fertilizer/soil solutions to all farmers, with competitive prices, where the ultimate outcome will be chemical-free and safe food to all

Our Story

This corporation, acknowledged as Rite Organix, was established in 2014 to ensure the avoidance of chemically produced commodities by the inhabitants of Bangladesh. As the entire nation is habituated with the consumption of goods mass-produced through the incorporation of chemical fertilizers, this company endeavors for a change due to scientific reasoning. Rite Organix dreams for their utilization of chemical-free and organic matters, as it introduces its importance and advances towards the recent sciences of healthy food. Through this company’s contributions towards the absorption of nature’s best, Rite Organix fights for the people of Bangladesh to become the nation’s healthy manpower.